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Which is the best source factory of Shenzhen children's electric U-shaped toothbrush? How to choose children's electric toothbrushes correctly.

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Children's U-shaped toothbrush is also called a lazy toothbrush. The lazy thing is that the brush head is U-shaped, biting it in the mouth, it can wrap the upper and lower teeth well. Just shake the toothbrush left and right to brush your teeth. This kind of U-shaped toothbrush for children has many bristles, good wrapping, and the angle conforms to the Pap brushing method. Cleaning with a U-shaped toothbrush will be better. Especially children's models, cartoon images, with lights, children's songs, can make babies fall in love with brushing teeth!

When brushing your teeth, you should include three tooth surfaces: the inner surface, the outer surface, and the horizontal chewing surface. Pay special attention to the molars (on the side of the tongue) and upper molars (on the side of the cheek) after cleaning, because these are the most easily missed areas when the baby brushes his teeth.

The following steps can teach you how to brush your baby's teeth correctly:

1. Brush the outer sides of the upper and lower rows of teeth first, place the toothbrush diagonally on the edge of the gums, use two or three teeth as a group, and move the toothbrush up and down with moderate strength.

2. When brushing the outer side of the upper and lower teeth, combine the horizontal and vertical brushes, and rotate and draw the circle brush, that is, draw an M" shape on the upper teeth and a W" shape on the lower teeth.

3. Then brush the inside of your teeth and repeat the above actions.

4. When brushing the inner side of the door, the toothbrush should be placed upright and brush from the gums to the crown with moderate strength. The same applies to the lower teeth.

5. To brush the chewing surface, move the toothbrush back and forth on the chewing surface.

In addition, you must adhere to the three-two system", that is, three times a day, pay attention to the time before going to bed at night, the three faces of the teeth (cheek, tongue, bite and raised face) must be brushed, and every time you brush your teeth, you must Brush carefully for 3 minutes.


The source factory of children's U-shaped toothbrush, Shenzhen Xiazhifeng Electronics Co., Ltd., is a health care and beauty equipment. A high-tech enterprise integrating personal care, R&D, production, and sales services. Forging ahead and accumulating, Xia Zhifeng always insists on moving forward steadily with a pragmatic and innovative service spirit, focusing on doing everything well, striving for perfection and demanding every detail, and achieving every bright future with heart.

The six design highlights of children's U-shaped toothbrushes independently developed, designed and produced by our company, care for the baby's mouth.

1. Sound wave vibration, clean the mouth in all directions;

2. Spiral air-drying, the base automatically vents, air-drying water stains, dry and hygienic;

3. 45-second timing, safe and secure;

4. Purple light disinfection, 3 brother purple light irradiation to prevent secondary pollution, children brushing teeth more at ease;

5. Magnetic charging, convenient and fast;

6. IPX7 waterproof, the whole body is washed, no need to worry about water ingress.


Three frequencies, one-key switching: massage mode, low-frequency massage gums, sleep fragrance, clean and relax two in one; gentle mode, low-frequency vibration, gentle care of the teeth, gentle cleaning; cleaning mode, brush inside and out, clean residue , Teeth healthier.

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