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Is buying a dental flusher to pay taxes for IQ, or is it really necessary?

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When the electric dental flusher has become more and more popular among young people as a personal care item, have you ever had such a question if you have never used it before? What is the principle of the dental flusher? Can it really clean the teeth? What is the difference between dental flusher, electric toothbrush and dental floss? What are the latest and most IN products of dental flushers? Should I pay IQ tax for buying dental appliances? Today we will come to popular science.


Principles of tooth punch


Teeth flushing device is an auxiliary tool for cleaning the oral cavity. It uses pulsed water impact to clean teeth and between teeth. It is mainly portable and desktop. Generally, the flushing pressure is 0 to 90 psi. The electric dental flusher, also called water floss, uses the impact of high-pressure water to wash away the food residue between the teeth. The pressurized water can pass through the gap between the teeth, just like the refined cleaning effect of dental floss, the water column can Unhindered entry into the oral cavity to complete the rinse, thus playing a better cleaning effect. The principle is similar to the high-pressure water gun, and the high-pressure water has higher cleaning strength. It is worth mentioning that the high-pressure pulse water flow of the dental flusher is a kind of flexible stimulation, not only will not hurt any part of the mouth or face, but also has the health care effect of massaging the gums, and it feels very comfortable to use.

Just as people know that using a high-pressure water gun can simply flush clean cars, etc., water at the right pressure has long been proven to be effective in cleaning people’s teeth and mouths. The cleaning effect of the tooth flusher is primarily the use of high-speed water jets that are sprayed under a certain pressure. On the basis of the impact of the water itself, the following measures may further improve the cleaning effect:

1) Make the water flow jet and impact in an appropriate pulse mode, or bring more bubbles into the water flow, which can also have a similar oscillating impact effect.

2) Add some additives with different functions to the water stream, such as adding fine hard heavy sand particles to form countless high-speed "bullets", or adding some surface active agents for cleaning functions. The impact cleaning ability of the water column is also related to the size of the water column Connected.

3) After changing the frequency of water pulses, the best combination with pressure is reached. For example, a professional dental scaler in a dental clinic has a high frequency of more than 20,000 times. From the principle of using frequency to clean objects, the higher the frequency, the better the cleaning effect.


The difference between dental flusher and electric toothbrush and dental floss


Electric toothbrushes are suitable for deep cleaning of teeth in the morning and evening. The rapid rotation or vibration of the motor core causes the brush head to generate high-frequency vibrations, which instantly decompose the toothpaste into fine foam and clean the teeth deeply. The electric toothbrush can effectively remove dental plaque in the morning and evening. To reduce oral diseases such as gingivitis, periodontal disease and gum bleeding, electric toothbrushes have become more and more people's daily cleaning products.

Unlike an electric toothbrush, the toothbrush is an auxiliary tool for cleaning after meals. It uses the pressure of a strong pulse of water to clean the gap between the teeth, which can effectively wash away the residue on the gap and the surface. It is very convenient to carry and use daily. It is worth noting that the toothbrush as an auxiliary cleaning tool cannot replace the toothbrush.

Dental floss is also used to clean the mouth after a meal. Because dental floss directly touches the gums, once the strength is not mastered, it will easily cause gum bleeding and damage the gums, and its cleaning effect is not as good as an electric toothbrush.

For all daily teeth cleaning, we can use an electric toothbrush to clean in the morning and evening, and use a toothbrush or dental floss to clean the food residue between the teeth after a meal. The mutual use can deepen the deep cleaning of the oral cavity and play a better role in gum health. Effect.


Portable foldable dental flusher


The portable foldable tooth punch is made of ABS+PC, powered by electric, cleaning teeth and stains, and deep cleaning. The product includes a foldable nozzle, three cleaning modes, the body is IPX7 waterproof, and it is magnetically charged.


Three cleaning modes:

1. Conventional mode, standard water pressure, efficient cleaning;

2. Gentle mode, gentle water pressure, gentle cleaning, suitable for first-time users with sensitive teeth;

3. Pulse mode, alternating strong and weak, pulse deep cleansing, and massage the gums.


scenes to be used


Does brushing your teeth every day really clean your mouth? Facts have proved that it is really necessary to rinse after a meal. Dental experts pointed out that brushing can only solve the problem of cleaning the surface of the teeth. Therefore, for the special and more important cleaning of the gingival sulcus between teeth, it needs to be completed by a toothbrush. Bear the brunt of the natural portable foldable dental flusher. It is convenient to carry and is indispensable for business trips, travel, visiting relatives and friends.

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