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CES Sleep Aid Device

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CES Sleep Aid Device / holding sleep aid device / Sleep Aid Device Physical Sleep Aids

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  • Sleep Aid Device Physical Sleep Aids
  • Portable Insomnia Therapy Device Microcurrent Sound Sleep Aid Machine Insomnia Therapy Device Holding Sleep Aid Device
  • Hand-held Nighttime Sleep Aid Device
  • Sleep Aid Device Physical Sleep Aids
  • Relieve Anxiety Depression Fast Sleep Instrument CES Sleep Aid Device

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* [Relieve Insomnia & portability]This sleep aid Device uses micro-currents to stimulate cortical neurotransmitters to help
  people with sleep deprivation and insomnia fall asleep as soon as possible. At the same time, it has the function of relieving
  migraines, relieving anxiety and releasing stress.This sleep aids has Light weight,small size and easy portability,So it can be
  used in the office, home and business trips. USB charging is very convenient.
* [Low Frequency Microcurrent ]Low-frequency pulse current microampere level, does not hurt the body's function, still helps
  sleep after discontinuing use, non-drug, no dependence, through the palm of the hand to pass current, avoiding the risk of
  direct stimulation of the brain current.
[Focus Help]Panic attack relief and work well to help calm you down during panic attacks, calm down mind to relax the body to
  sleep. When using this device, the metal pole touches the palm of the hand, allowing the hand and brain to relieve anxiety,
  stress and Secretion of melatonin.
* [Two Frequency Modes] Our sleep aids have two modes. Low frequency mode (sleep mode): low frequency for soothing and relieving
  anxiety frequency, held in the palm of your Left hand can accelerate to let you sleep peacefully. High frequency mode
  (excitement mode): high frequency for excitement and inspiration frequency, held in the palm of your Right hand can make you


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