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Mole pen usage method and precautions, operation video

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Note: The installation method and gear use are applicable to the first and second generation mole pens of Shenzhen Xiazhifeng Electronics Co., Ltd.


One, use the installation method

Fine needle: with a complete set of insert pen head, turn clockwise and tighten

Thick needle: directly rotate the needle clockwise and insert it into the head of the pen and tighten it

Turn it counterclockwise when not in use

Note: One needle is only for one person to avoid infection


Second, the function of the gear position:

Level 1-2: Fine needles (small fat particles/small moles)

2-3 gears: fine needles (small and medium moles) and thick needles (medium and small spots)


Three, indicator light

Double-click to see the battery level (3 indicator lights are green when the battery is fully charged) Fully charged, 3 indicators light up in green, flashing red when charging


Four, operation introduction

1. Power-on button (ON/OFF): Long press the (ON/OFF) button for 3 seconds to switch on and off, the red light will light up after power-on, and the default is level 1. The red light represents the gear light. When there is no operation after booting, it will automatically shut down after 30 minutes; short press the (ON/OFF) button to switch the output power (number: 1 for low gear; number 2 for middle gear; number 3 for high gear). Quickly press the (ON/OFF) button twice to display the battery level. The green light represents the display level. Press any key to return.

2. Work button (OUT): Press the (OUT) button to start working, release it to stop working, and the working indicator light is orange.

3. Protection function: Long press the (OUT) button for two minutes and the device will automatically stop working. If you need to continue working, you must release it (OUT button) and press it again to work.


Five, matters needing attention:

1. It is recommended to use fresh pigskin testing equipment when using this equipment for the first time, and then use it for treatment when you are fully familiar with the equipment performance and operating procedures.

2. Since this device can produce high temperature effects instantly, please keep it properly when not in use to prevent children and people who do not understand the device from using and playing to avoid danger.

3. It is best not to wash the affected area too much within 30 days of treatment with this equipment (simple care is sufficient), do not scrub with force, and do not artificially peel off the crust.

4. When the affected area is itchy (tender meat growth period), do not remove it with your hands. After about 20-30 days, the scab will fall off by itself.

5. The recovery period is about 3 months. It is recommended not to eat ginger (which affects skin smoothness), beef (will produce a faint red), soy sauce (will produce a faint black) during the recovery period. Pay attention to the above during the recovery period. The skin can be restored to 95% of the original skin, and the pigment can be burned directly by the machine, regardless of any color. Then there will be thin scabs on the skin, and all the pigments in the skin will be concentrated under the scabs. When the scabs are off, all the pigments on the skin will fall off without infection.

6. When the device is not used for a long time, it is recommended to charge it every three to four months to maintain the service life of the electrical ground.

7. When the equipment fails, please do not disassemble it and try to repair it by yourself to avoid danger. It is recommended to continue the original manufacturer's repair.

8. It is strictly forbidden to clean the equipment directly with water or liquids to avoid entering the equipment and causing damage or danger.


Sixth, remove area stains (small areas), tattoos (small areas), fat particles, age spots, syringoma, prominent scars, pigmented moles, flat warts, warts, hyperplasia, scar smoothing, skin vegetation, also used Carbonization to stop bleeding.


Seven, postoperative precautions

1. The scabs are removed about 4-10 days after the operation, and temporary skin erythema or pigmentation appears in the affected area. The pigmentation gradually subsides after one month, and the pigmentation basically returns to normal after three months. Avoiding strong light exposure within three months after treatment is the key to preventing pigmentation.

2. Do not eat spicy food, drink alcohol, or take aspirin after operation to avoid aggravating the reaction after treatment.

3. After the operation, do not make the local area wet or infect, and keep it clean.

8. Operation video of mole pen

Computer platform Youku video teaching link:

Mobile platform Youku video teaching link:

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